College Internship Hiring Up 9.6% for 2016 announces Top Intern Employers for 2016, listing nearly 250 entry level employers and 65,000 summer internships across all industries. Intern hiring projections are up 9.63% from last year.

As college students across the country get ready for summer internships,, the #1 entry level job site, names the Top Intern Employers for 2016. The list is comprised of nearly 250 employers and 65,000 internship opportunities for 2016 and is available online at At the top of the list, ORAU plans 6,348 intern hires for the year, but employers with as few as 5 intern hires are also included.

“Overall, intern hiring projections for 2016 are 9.63% higher than 2015, a good sign not only for 2016, but also for entry level hiring in the future,” said Brian Krueger, CEO of “The increase in internship hiring is significantly higher than the planned increase in entry level hiring for 2016. Internship hiring is a strong indicator of future entry level hiring. The large increase in internship hiring shows that employers both plan to hire more at the entry level in 2017 and are willing to commit to many of these hires early, often as early as the end of this summer.”

Stephanie Polon, National Director of Campus Recruiting at BDO USA, LLP, agrees. “With millennials making up over half of BDO’s workforce, we continue to invest in our intern program to fuel a pipeline of leaders for the next generation.” BDO, a professional services firm, plans to hire 800 interns for 2016.

Each company brings its own perspective on the role internships play in the organization. “We view internships as experiential education not always taught in the classroom,” says Ralph Brigham, Global Director of Campus Relations at Southwestern Advantage, a sales and leadership program that markets educational products. “It’s where young people gain experience and life skills to help them get to the next level either in their career or life.” Southwestern Advantage is planning 2,000 intern hires in the current year.

In addition to enriching individual candidates and providing future leadership, a successful internship program provides organizational stability. “By hiring interns and subsequently hiring full-time from our intern pool, our entry level retention has significantly increased,” Ed Deutschlander, CEO of North Star Resource Group, which projects 54 intern hires for 2016.

With the traditional season for internships fast approaching Krueger reminds college students that an internship isn’t just another way to fill the summer months. “Increasingly, internships are required experience for employers hiring for entry level jobs. Traditional summer employment in fast food or at summer camps won’t make you as attractive as someone who has completed one or more professional internships. Every summer break is an opportunity to boost your value as a future entry level candidate. has thousands of entry level jobs and internships posted at our site every day. It’s a great place to start your search.”

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