Hack Home Decor: Scout Decor to Revolutionize Home Design

Female-founded online home decor community announces site revamp, provides marketplace and on-demand consultations geared toward busy homeowners.

TORONTO, May 3, 2016 —- Don’t let “I’m too busy” or “I’m on a budget” stand between you and the beautiful home of your dreams: Scout Decor is here to help.

Scout Decor is a new online home design community dedicated to helping busy people everywhere bring their design dreams to life. Through the signature Design Marketplace and on-demand Design Consultations, Scout Decor puts everything busy homeowners need to get a magazine-ready home design right at their fingertips.

The past few years have seen an explosion of home decor websites trying to solve the design dilemmas facing today’s busy homeowners with a standard “marketplace approach,” gathering together pages and pages of products and services for users to search through.

Scout Decor takes a more personal approach to the home decor dilemma: in addition to a marketplace that gives users access to all the products they’ll need to bring the designs on the site to life, the site also connects them with the designer behind the look, who can work with them to customize the design to suit their own home, budget and taste.

Scout Decor was designed specifically with the needs of today’s busy homeowners in mind. Whether it’s a busy mom of two looking to redo her basement to make room for her growing family, or a young professional ready to decorate her first “grown up” apartment, Scout Decor customers have three things in common: they’re busy, they’re on a budget, and they appreciate great design.

But homeowners are only half of the Scout Decor story: for the designers that partner with the site, Scout Decor provides the opportunity to gain visibility with potential clients, and grow their customer base and, ultimately, their brand. Scout Decor designers range in background and experience levels, and users have the ability to select designers that match their taste and their budget.

The idea for Scout Decor came out of founder Hope Rennie’s own love of home decor, and her frustration at being able to find home design resources that matched her budget — and her time frame as a busy working mother.

“I found myself sitting at my computer staring at these photos of these amazing, beautiful home designs that were exactly what I wanted and thinking, ‘Why can’t I just push a button and make it happen?” says Rennie of the inspiration that led her to create Scout Decor.

Rennie started Scout Decor while on maternity leave from her full-time job as a sales manager at Amgen Canada. In less than 5 months, the project when from concept to celebrating its Beta launch in July 2015. Now, after some retooling of the site offerings to better meet the needs of customers and designers alike, Scout Decor is relaunched and ready for action.

Homeowners who are interested in learning more about Scout Décor can visit the website at scoutdecor.com. The site includes a dedicated page for designers at http://scoutdecor.com/welcome-designers/