America’s Warrior Partnership Makes an Impact

WASHINGTON, Jan. 26, 2016 —- America’s Warrior Partnership has issued its first comprehensive impact report. The national nonprofit was formed two years ago to address the national need among Warriors (veterans and service members) in their own communities. In order to accomplish its mission of empowering communities to empower veterans, America’s Warrior Partnership forms partnerships on the community level so that local organizations can maximize their existing resources to benefit Warriors with holistic services. The report details benefits received by more than 19,000 Warriors.

Unlike some national organizations that fundraise and provide specific support for narrow needs, such as transportation or recreation, America’s Warrior Partnership selected six communities – from California to the Florida panhandle to New York – to support and mentor.  By incorporating the organization’s philosophy of active partnerships and holistic Warrior care, these six community agencies created a network of hundreds of participating agencies.

In 2015 alone, two new communities, one in Buffalo, New York, and one in Orange County, California, were added to the Partnership while a third, on Florida’s Panhandle, was nurtured to independence.  The three original communities include Augusta, Georgia, and Charleston and Greenville in South Carolina. Together their impact on Warriors over two years includes a total of 19,054 individuals served.  Of that number, 319 were homeless and 187 – 59 percent – are now housed.  Nearly a third of those eligible for educational benefits were enrolled and of those, 99 percent were graduated or are on track to graduate.  Fully half those who sought employment through one of these six community groups found jobs and 75 percent of those eligible for Veterans Administration (VA) healthcare benefits were enrolled.  Another 64 percent were enrolled in other VA benefits. VA representatives were embedded in three out of the six communities to facilitate the resolution of any issues Warriors might have with the VA.

Such meaningful numbers were hard won and vigorously tracked.  Among the accomplishments of America’s Warrior Partnership for 2015 was the development of WarriorServe©, a comprehensive and fully customizable system of tracking results for individuals and agencies. This provides up-to-date accountability and ensures no Warrior ever “falls through the cracks.” Working together with SalesForce®, America’s Warrior Partnership created WarriorServe© to capture all services provided, agency referrals, and the specialized data required by the VA.

Another success was the Second Annual Warrior Community Integration Symposium which drew more than 350 representatives from 29 states to learn about best practices, available resources, and to form partnerships with other attendees.  Interest and attendance in the Symposium has created a need for a larger venue and the 2016 Symposium will be held this fall in Atlanta, Georgia.  Check the America’s Warrior Partnership website in May for details.

Jim Lorraine, president and CEO of the organization, says, “Our success is not ours alone; it belongs to every community, every agency, and every individual, who is committed to serving our Warriors.  We at America’s Warrior Partnership are humbled to serve alongside them. We are proud to lead with a proactive approach which is designed to help alleviate the future crisis situations.”

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